District 202 will present a special program designed to help parents keep their children safe on social media at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at Plainfield East High School, 12001 Naperville Road, Plainfield.

“The Screen Zombie – How to Develop a Healthy Relationship with Social Media” was originally scheduled for January 31, 2019 but was cancelled because of the dangerous cold weather that day. Social media has become such a dominant force that it can become dangerous for some people, especially children and adolescents.

The Plainfield Parent Community Network (PPCN) will present this special free program in both English and Spanish. It will be recorded and linked on the PPCN website.

“Social media is so prevalent in our world that we as adults sometimes lose track of it in our children’s lives and don’t always understand the impact it can have,” said Tim Albores, District 202 director of high school student services. Albores helped create the PPCN. Jeff Bean, police officer, president and founder of Safe Schools 4 All will share information and answer questions about:

 The most popular social media apps among children and teens
 Proven strategies for keeping kids safe online
 Positive and negative effects of social media and technology
 Establishing and defining your child’s relationship with social media
 Managing your child’s use of technology and social media
 Understanding the limitations of privacy and claiming your parental power

District 202 social workers, special education administrators and counselors formed the PPCN in fall 2016 to support parents with common parenting needs. This is the second PPCN meeting this school year. A committee comprising district administrators, principals, counselors and community members oversees the PPCN. Please visit please visit www.plainfieldparentcommunitynetwork.org for more information about the PPCN including podcasts of past programs.

Professional development credits (CEUs and CPDUs) will be available for teachers and counselors attending this program.

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