Fall Tree Planting To Begin In Joliet

Each year for the past six years, the City of Joliet has planted 1,000 trees as part of a 10-year tree growing contract. This planting program was approved by the Mayor and City Council to replace thousands of trees removed due to the emerald ash borer.

This fall, to complete the 7th year of the program, approximately 500 trees will be planted.  The city is taking requests from residents who would like a tree planted in the city-owned parkway of their home.  Trees are approximately 2 inches in diameter and are planted at no cost to the resident.  Species of tree is determined by the city arborist to assure that our urban forest remains diverse.  An overabundance of one type of tree can lead to problems if disease affects that species-like ash and elm trees in the past.

If residents would like a tree, please fill out a  “Requesting a New Tree” form on-line using this link, Request a New Tree.

City of Joliet Press Release