Gemini Giant Unmasked

The local landmark Gemini Giant, which stood tall along Route 66 on the east end of Wilmington, is currently in storage, unmasked. The 30-foot tall Gemini Giant was sold in March to the Joliet Historical Museum for $275,000, using a grant from the State of Illinois. The museum donated the statue to the City of Wilmington. The giant stood outside of a local restaurant called The Launching Pad since 1965.

The giant is scheduled to leave around Memorial Day, where a vendor will restore him. Currently, the vendor has two or three other giants he is restoring. After those giants are restored, completion of the Gemini Giant could be done by the end of July or early August.

The owners thought about displaying the giant while awaiting restoration. In the end, they decided not to put Gemini back up in case there was more damage during that process. Instead, after restoration, they plan to have the Gemini Giant back up for display later this year.

Wilmington’s Gemini Giant unmasked.