Grundy County Sheriff’s Office: Missing Manhattan Man Took His Own Life
Grundy County Sheriff Ken Briley and Grundy County Coroner John Callahan are releasing final details in the death investigation of Anthony W. Fehrenbacher.
A fisherman discovered a body, later identified as Fehrenbacher, in the water at the Ceco Club near Coal City on June 10th, 2023. Fehrenbacher was reported missing from Manhattan on May 26th, 2023. As firefighters and police personnel removed Fehrenbacher from the water, they observed an apparatus attached to him which allowed him to sink to the bottom of the lake.
A forensic examination was conducted on June 11th, 2023, results revealed Fehrenbacher died from drowning. The forensic exam revealed no signs of trauma and toxicology showed therapeutic levels of prescribed medication.
An investigation continued for the next several weeks by the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office, Grundy County Coroner’s Office, and assistance from the Manhattan Police Department. After a thorough investigation and examination of evidence collected and multiple interviews, Grundy County Detectives found no evidence to lead them to any other conclusion other than Fehrenbacher took his own life.
Suicide is a very difficult manner of death for families and friends to accept or believe. Generally, we don’t release information on suicides however due to the media attention and the fact Fehrenbacher was reported missing, we feel the need to let the public know we found no foul play surrounding this death.
Sheriff Briley and Coroner Callahan asks you respect the Fehrenbacher family’s privacy regarding their family members loss.
Grundy County Sheriff Press Release