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Ice Jams Slowly Melting Along Kankakee River

No one has been forced from their homes due to flooding concerns along Kankakee River in Wilmington. A resident who lives along the Kankakee River just west of I-55 spoke with the Scott Slocum show and says the huge ice jam is being melted slowly, thanks to the Dresden Nuclear Power plant cooling ponds. The Dresden pipes have been sending warm water to the river.

The Dresdsen plant issued a statement, “Dresden Station operators continue to assist with the ice jams on the Kankakee River. The nuclear plant regularly cooperates each winter in the state’s effort to control the ice jams by siphoning warm water from Dresden’s cooling lake into the Kankakee River. Operators will monitor any potential flooding anticipated from that thawing. The plant continues to operate at full power, and operators do not expect the river’s water levels to impact plant operations.”

JoJo Broadwell who has been living along the river for last 25 years.

Due to the extreme cold temperatures last week a seven mile ice jam formed on the Kankakee River, stretching east and west of Interstate 55.

First Responders from Wilmington’s Emergency Services & Disaster Agency (ESDA), the Fire Protection District, and Police Department went door to door last week to advise residents who may be affected of the river conditions and encouraged them to be prepared to evacuate if necessary. Residents still not out of the woods yet. Officials keeping a watchful eye over the next two weeks.

Kankakee River/JoJo Broadwell
Kankakee River/JoJo Broadwell
Kankakee River/JoJo Broadwell

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