Joliet City Council Could Vote Tonight On Latest NorthPoint Annexation

Opponents of NorthPoint are questioning the timing of a Joliet City Council vote tonight to annex more land, before the new mayor takes office.

At Monday’s pre-council meeting a staffer of State Senator Rachael Ventura read a letter from the senator urging the council to vote no on the annexation. Referencing an Illinois law that prohibits votes on annexation 60 days prior to an election. The paperwork for the annexation vote was filed on April 4 of this year, the same day as the election.

The annexation involves 55 acres of land just West of Manhattan Road. If the council approves the annexation, it would give NorthPoint nearly 1,000 acres of uninterrupted property to build their Intermodal hub. No public hearings have been held prior to the vote.

If approved, the rezoning vote would be brought at a later date. Mayor Bob O’Dekirk was defeated by Terry D’Arcy; he’ll take office in early May.