Joliet City Council Hires Water Consultant

The Joliet City Council approved hiring a consultant to take the next steps in securing a new water source for the City at their April 21, 2020 meeting. A team led by Stantec, an engineering services company, was selected to complete this work. The Stantec team includes many subconsultants that will provide specialty services required for successful completion of this project. 

The City currently gets its water from a deep well aquifer that will no longer be able to meet the City’s needs by 2030. A study launched in 2018 evaluated the alternatives available to provide a sustainable water source to the City for their future needs. The results of this study were presented to the public in December 2019. 

The Joliet City Council selected Lake Michigan as the preferred source at their meeting in January 2020. The next phase of this process will determine if Lake Michigan water should be tapped from the City of Chicago or from a new intake in Indiana. The consultant will evaluate both options and present their findings to the Council. It is anticipated this will be complete by the end of the calendar year.