Joliet Man Sentenced to 15-Years in Prison in Stabbing Attack

A 55-year-old Joliet man has been sentenced to 15 years in prison in the 2016 stabbing of a former girlfriend. Arthur Knox had stabbed Lisa Cummins multiple times in the neck, shoulder, and abdomen the morning of April 4, 2016, a couple months after Cummins had ended their relationship. Cummins, who was living at her sister’s residence, was walking on the driveway toward her vehicle when Knox came running at her with his hands up and wearing a hoodie over his head. She tried to run back toward the house, slipped, and fell, at which time Knox got on top of her and began stabbing her. He then fled the scene and Cummins went back into the residence, where her sister called 911.

Knox will receive a credit of 1929 days for time served.