The separation agreement between the Joliet Park District and the Executive Director is saving the district nearly $87,000. Tom Carstens’ contract was set to expire in February but Monday night the district agreed to pay Carstens only 3 months of his salary. Between unused vacation days, sick days and three month’s salary, Carstens is walking away with just over $82,000.

The Joliet Park District Board says if Carstens were to finish out his contract they would have paid out nearly $87,000 between accrued vacation and sick days, and 8 and a half months of salary with vehicle allowance.

The executive director and deputy director position are being combined into one. Effective immediately, Deputy Director Brad Staab will serve as interim Executive Director.The park district combined the deputy director and the executive director into one position.

By the numbers:

Carstens will receive three month’s salary, totaling, $37,595.65
48 unused vacation days, totaling $27,768.12
29 unused sick days totaling $16,773.60

Total payout $82,137.37

The district will save:
$68,926.35 in 5 and a half months salary remaining on his contract
vehicle allowance $5,100
potential accrued sick days$ 5,205.60
accrued vacation days $7,712.30

Total savings for separation agreement $86,944.34