New CEO For BBBS of Will & Grundy Counties As Investigation Into Last CEO Continues

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Will and Grundy Counties announced on Facebook that they have a new CEO. Amy Vicioso has 25 years experience of finance and accounting work, serving non-profits in Will and Kane County for the last decade. The former CEO Ted Brodeur abruptly resigned in December of 2023 after being confronted by board members regarding alleged issues with the finances. Will County Sheriff’s office has been investigating financial irregularities for the last three months. No one has been charged.

Press release below:

Facebook press release of BBBS Will & Grundy Counties

WJOL story below as reported on February 1st, 2024

Financial irregularities at Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Will and Grundy Counties remains under investigation by the Will County Sheriff’s office. WJOL has received a brief accounting of net income and expenses over the last decade. While expenses were consistent in the last 10 years, revenue started to decline after 2019.

Furthermore, WJOL has learned that a debit card may have been used improperly.

Will County Sheriff’s is investigating as current and former Joliet Police officers have been on the board and served as CEO of BBBS.

BBBS nationally and locally has not commented on the investigation to WJOL.

Here is a list of revenue dating back to 2012, BBBS took in $505,000

2014…. $515,000

in 2019 revenue dropped to $291,000
2022…$ 205,000

The CEO, Ted Brodeur resigned abruptly in December of 2023 after being confronted by board members regarding alleged issues with the finances. Brodeur took over in 2019 from former Joliet Police Chief Mike Trafton who was the CEO from 2015 to 2019.

Board president Neal Narrine resigned at the same time but told WJOL he did nothing wrong, and resigned for another reason.

BBBS is a non-profit. Here are the numbers.

In 2012, BBBS lost $1,500

2013 lost $100,000
2014 made $ 6,000
2015 lost $11,000
2016 lost $36,000
2017 lost $35,000
2018 lost $22,000

Then in 2019, BBBS lost $108,000 and fundraising was a negative $12,000

2020 lost $183,000
2021 lost $97,000
2022 lost $219,000

During the year of 2022, there was $165,000 in contributions of which $34,000 came from fundraisers.

Financial irregularities were discovered by someone who oversees the books, and brought the information to the attention of the board. Board member and former Joliet Police Chief Al Roachner, reached out to board president, Neil Narine who resigned immediately.