Peterson Court Date Continued To May 18th

Lawyers for former Bolingbrook police officer Drew Peterson were in a Will County Courtroom on Monday. Peterson is fighting his conviction of murdering his third wife Kathleen Savio. The judge in the case is considering Peterson’s hand-printed motion sent from an Indiana prison to vacate his conviction because of bad legal representation, an overzealous prosecutor, and a film that portrayed him in a “very negative light” in the eyes of the jury.

Peterson’s hearing is continued until May 18th. Peterson is being represented by public defenders. His attorney mentioned they had out-of-state new witnesses that they wanted to interview. It’s unclear what information those witnesses have in relation to the case or Peterson himself. The defense did not request that Peterson be at the hearing on May 18th but they could amend that request.

Peterson did not appear physically or via zoom at today’s hearing.