Rowell Avenue Narrows and Expands Giving Joliet City Council Pause Regarding Truck Traffic

Joliet City Council held a special meeting Wednesday night to keep trucks from entering a residential area of Rowell Avenue.

The City Council wants truck to use Laraway Road to get to Route 53 to go either north or south. They’re worried about the trucks traveling along Rowell Avenue which would go by a residential area and a school. The council last night is leaning towards installing truck enforcement cameras.

The picture above is where Rowell Avenue meets Route 52. The road is clearly wider near the industrial development but the pictures below show Rowell Avenue narrowing near a residential area and Laraway Elementary School.

Rowell Avenue near residential area – Joliet/ss
Rowell Avenue near Laraway Elementary school Joliet/ss
Laraway Elementary School on Rowell Avenue – Joliet/ss