In the same week the City of Joliet releases a grim financial forecast due to COVID-19, the city announces a special meeting in order to pass a measure to annex more than 12-hundred acres of land in Joliet for NorthPoint. A vocal critic of NorthPoint, Delila Le Grett says it’s misleading to think NorthPoint could solve all the financial woes of Joliet considering the many hurdles their project has to cross.

Le Grett says the NorthPoint project is “not shovel ready.” There is current litigation in the Village of Elwood over the bridge plus possible future litigation regarding easements by private property owners to allow the city of Joliet to run sewer and water to the NorthPoint project. The city could impose eminent domain which could spark more lawsuits by private property owners.

Le Grett says NorthPoint convinced the City of Joliet to rezone 103 acres of land on Breen Road claiming warehouses and manufacturing are in demand for the south side of Joliet. The city changed the zoning and since November of 2019 that parcel of land has not generated any revenue.

The Joliet City Council will hold a special meeting on Monday, April 13th to consider the annexation of more than 12-hundred acres for the NorthPoint development. While public gatherings are restricted through April 30 and social distancing in place to combat COVID-19, those who wish to be heard may submit written comments or call in. But you must sign up to call in 24 hours prior to the public meeting.The press release regarding the guidelines are listed on our website at