Stateville Correctional Center Sees 64 Confirmed Covid-19 Cases

WJOL has learned the official numbers from the Illinois Department of Corrections regarding the Covid-19 outbreak at the Stateville Correctional Center. Their are currently 64 confirmed cases coronavirus with 16 staff members confirmed and 48 incarcerated individuals confirmed.

The Illinois Department of Corrections is taking a number of steps to control the spread of COVID-19 in its correctional centers.  Staff who work with individuals in isolation and quarantine, as well as in the health center, are wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE) and all staff are wearing some PPE.  Staff are also having their temperature checked daily as they enter the facility.

Correctional centers with a confirmed case are placed on lockdown, which means there is no movement around the facility except for medical care.  Incarcerated individuals who show symptoms are being tested. WJOL has also learned that the national guard is being sent to Stateville to help with onsite logistics.