New details about how two men who robbed an AT&T store in Joliet and got caught in Chicago Heights. The two men took several cell phones from the retail store in the 17-hundred block West Jefferson on Saturday, February 16th. But what they didn’t know is that one of the cell phones in the box is really a GPS tracker according to Joliet Police Sergeant Christopher Botzum. Cell phone companies began using the GPS stealth tracker due to the number of thefts.

Once the two thieves got away, they drove along I-80 but Joliet police lost them in pursuit. That’s when a Chicago police helicopter were able to track the GPS and follow the suspects to a home in Chicago Heights.

Twenty-year old Sean Watson of Hazel Crest arrested for violating his parole and armed robbery with a firearm. Watson is being held on 750-thousand dollars bond. Also arrested, 18-year old Allen D. Johnson of Chicago Heights, for armed robbery with a firearm. His bail is set at 500-thousand dollars.

Will County Sheriff’s office/Allen D. Johnson