Students Report Man In Vehicle Asking Them To Enter his Vehicle Near Joliet Central High School

A letter send out to parents and students from Joliet Township High School tells the story of a scary moment for students off campus and saluting them for coming forward.

Joliet Central High School takes the safety of our students very seriously. We believe that communicating incidents that occur near school grounds are important to student safety.

Joliet Central High School has been notified that an incident occurred this morning outside Subway where students were approached by a man in a blue Dodge charger and asked to enter the vehicle. The students reported the incident to the school, and the Joliet Police Department was notified.

Joliet Central High School wants to take the opportunity to stress the importance of safety while traveling to and from school. Regardless of your environment, whether it be in the parking lot of a grocery store, at home, or in any situation, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and to practice safety precautions. Students are also encouraged to travel in groups. Please remind your child to report any suspicious activity to school officials.