Video of St. Joe’s Hospital nurses rally for better wages

Seventy-five health care workers, community members, and elected officials attended a rally to support St. Joe’s Nurses on Thursday.

St. Joe’s nurse union Illinois Nurses Association has been in negotiations with Ascension St. Joe’s representatives since May and many of the union’s proposals have remained virtually untouched in the intervening months. The current union contract expired on July 19, 2023, where Ascension offered their best and last offer. Nurses say the future of the only hospital in Joliet depends on this contract. Two nurses Katherine Sopych and Mary Sue Bolton shared their stories during the press conference. According to union officials, stagnant wages have caused over 300 nurses to leave for better paying jobs, leaving many shifts short-staffed.

State Senator Rachel Ventura, spoke at the event and press conference Thursday, in support of St. Joseph Nurses Association members, along with several other elected officials including City Councilmember Cesar Guerrero, City Councilmember Suzanna Ibarra, County Board member and previous CNA Janet Diaz. Also in attendance was the Mayor of Joliet Terry Darcy, City Councilmember  Sherry Reardon, and State Senator Meg Capel.

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