Village of Frankfort Announces Winning Name of Street Sweeper Contest

The Village of Frankfort is thrilled to unveil the winning name of its recent Street  Sweeper Naming Contest. After an overwhelming response from the community, with over 100 submissions flooding  in, a standout name has been selected to grace the latest addition to Frankfort’s streetscape. 

The winning name, “Frank the Tank,” selected for its creativity and relevance, was submitted by Ben McGinn. This  name not only represents the fundamental role of the street sweeper in keeping Frankfort clean but also signifies the  advanced technology of the equipment. 

Mayor Keith Ogle expressed his gratitude to all participants for their enthusiastic engagement in the contest. “We  were blown away by the incredible response to the Street Sweeper Naming Contest. It’s evident that our community  takes pride in contributing to the betterment of Frankfort. Congratulations to Ben McGinn for his winning entry, ‘Frank  the Tank,’ which perfectly captures the essence of our street sweeping efforts.” 

Ben will be invited to partake in a special photo opportunity alongside Mayor Keith Ogle and elected officials to  commemorate the naming of “Frank the Tank.” This event will take place during the Village of Frankfort’s Earth Day  festivities on Saturday, April 20, 2024, between 8 AM and 9 AM at the Village Hall.

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