Will County GOP Censure Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger And Kinzinger Releases Scathing Response

The Will County GOP overwhelmingly voted to censure Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger by a vote of 111 to 5 with one abstention. The censure is a formal rebuke against Kinzinger for voting to impeach former President Donald Trump. According to a press release by the Will County Republican Central Committee Chair George Pearson, “The last straw was Kinzinger’s Unconstitutional impeachment support against Donald Trump that quickly escalated to attacks on other duly elected Republicans in the Senate and Trump supporters.”

The statement continues, “The Congressman’s launching of a Political Action Committee (PAC) to go after Conservative, Patriot Republicans demonstrates he no longer represents the 9,000 plus voters in the Will County portion of the district that supported President Trump. He disregarded other elected Republican Voters’ wishes across the United States in furtherance.

The Will County GOP Censure Vote of Representative Adam Kinzinger passed by an overwhelming margin of 111 to 5 with one abstention. Our censure is a formal rebuke against his unilateral actions to raise money and attack over 74 million Americans and their elected Republican officials who supported Trump’s take-action and broker no BS attitude from the D.C. swamp. Our censure also states that we will work hard in the Primary to elect a Representative for the People, by the People.

Rep. Kinzinger’s remarks about the Will County GOP leadership as being inept hold some merit. As one of the elected Will County GOP leaders since 2010, Kinzinger has not walked a precinct nor attended a Will County meeting for over six years. He is speaking directly to his failure as well as his lack of understanding of how Democrats were allowed to carve up Will County into six various congressional districts with 12 Senate Districts, 15 Representative Districts. This is key to the failure of previous go-along-to-get-along Republican leaders. We are not surprised Kinzinger would revert to name-calling because his actions have been selfish and self-centered in the hope of helping him move into a bigger governmental office like the U.S. Senate. It has never been about representing the People of Illinois nor the 16th CD; it is all about Kinzinger.”

Meanwhile, Congressman Kinzinger released his own statement following the vote:

“Not long ago, Will County was a staunchly conservative county where Republicans controlled the board and held county wide offices. Unfortunately, the current leaders of the Will County GOP have changed that. Under their leadership, Democrats took control of the County Board and Republicans have lost all county wide offices over the course of multiple elections. 

“The leaders of the Will County GOP have proven they are unable to assist Republican candidates in winning these especially important elections. As the last federal Republican official representing Will County, I have been saddened by this ineptitude.

“Maybe if the Will County GOP spent the same amount of time and energy helping local Republicans as they do with petty censure votes to go after those that vote their conscience, they might actually win a few races. 

“I look forward to continuing my part in helping Republicans get elected in Will County to make up for the lack of support they are receiving on the local level. As I have long said, we need leadership—and we need it now.”

The vote took place on Thursday, February 18th during their regularly scheduled meeting. Kinzinger represents Illinois’ 16th Congressional District.