Child Heard Crying At Joliet Hotel, Parents Arrested Found With Drugs And Unconscious In Bathroom

The parents of a five-year-old girl have been charged with possession of illegal drugs and endangering the life of a child. Joliet police were called to the Best Western Hotel at 4380 Enterprise Drive for a welfare check of a child. Hotel staff reported overhearing the sound of a child crying coming from a guest room. Joliet Police Officers learned that prior to their arrival, hotel staff went to the guest room and located a five-year-old female who indicated that her mother and father were in the bathroom and have not come out. Hotel staff walked the child to the front desk.

Officers entered the guest room and located 32-year-old Kody Campbell and 27-year-old Samantha McCaughn both of Joliet, unconscious on the floor in the bathroom.

Officers were able to wake both individuals and both were evaluated by responding Joliet Fire Department paramedics. While in the room, Officers located and recovered suspected heroin and fentanyl from the bathroom.

Campbell and McCaughn were transported to Ascension St. Joseph Medical Center by the Joliet Fire Department. Officers placed the child in their protective custody, and she was also transported to Ascension St Joseph Medical Center by the Joliet Fire Department for a medical evaluation. Officers noted that living conditions within the guest room appeared to be very poor.

Campbell and McCaughn were placed into custody and processed at the hospital. The child was placed into the care of the Department of Child and Family Services to be eventually placed with a different family member.