Homeless Couple Arrested For Aggravated Robbery Of Elderly Woman At Shorewood Grocery Store Parking Lot

An elderly woman was attacked by two people in the parking lot of the Jewel grocery store in Shorewood on Monday afternoon January 17th. The 78-year-old woman was injured when another woman aged 32, forcefully attempted to remove the victim’s purse from her shoulder. The victim suffered injuries to her head, neck, hand and knee. She was transported to St. Joseph’s Medical Center and was subsequently released.

Meanwhile, a Navy veteran witnessed the robbery and wrestled the purse from the suspect. The suspect was able to get into a waiting car and drive away. Another alert person, followed the car and alerted Shorewood Police. The couple was arrested and face aggravated robbery charges. Thirty-two year old Vesta Hall and 25-year-old Levi Young are reported as homeless. Their bond was set at $100,00 and $150,000 respectively.