Illinois House Passes Police Reform Bill

The Illinois House passed the controversial police reform bill on Wednesday afternoon. The House passed the legislation with a 60 to 50 vote tally. The Illinois Senate passed the bill on Wednesday at approximately 5:00am. The bill – which is over 700 pages long – would eliminate cash bail; prohibits police departments from purchasing militarized equipment; mandates the purchase of body cameras, and more. Some of the most controversial aspects of the bill – such as ending qualified immunity for law enforcement, which would put officers at higher risk of lawsuits – were reduced or removed from the bill.

Will County House Votes

37th – Tim Ozinga – NAY

75th – David Welter – NAY

85th – John Connor – No Vote

86th – Larry Walsh Jr – YEA

97th – Mark Batnick – NAY

98th – Natalie Manley – YEA

Will County State Senate Votes

38th – Sue Rezin – NAY

43rd – Pat McGuire – YEA

49th – Meg Loughran-Cappel – NAY