When you see a pretty planter or hanging basket filled with colorful blooming flowers, does it make you feel good? If so, then Jim Tiber, Joliet Arborist has done his job. He’s been getting rave reviews for this seasons’ planters and hanging baskets. Tiber says it’s been a work in progress over the years to see what plants and flowers work and what doesn’t.

This year, the rain helped keep the soil in planters and baskets moist but says he’s out testing the soil to make sure it’s the right pH balance and free of bugs. Tiber says he’s been with Joliet for 20 years and this is best year for the planters and baskets. He has a degree in Urban Forestry and Landscape Design. If funds allow, the city of Joliet along with Joliet City Center are looking at increasing the number of baskets and planters in Joliet to include baskets along Collins Street from Cass Street to the prison. Plus planters could flank Joliet and Chicago Street and extend on Cass Street.

Planters/Jim Tiber/Joliet Arborist
Jim Tiber/Joliet Arborist
Hanging baskets/Jim Tiber/Joliet Arborist

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