Joliet Chamber Announces New “All In” Initiative

The Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce & Industry has launched a new initiative: Chambers All In for Economic Recovery. Going All In is a new state-wide initiative that compliments the state’s existing All In message to encourage the community to participate in state health and safety practices, particularly mask-wearing. As the state remains in Tier 3 mitigations, everyone can do their part to keep our local businesses open by wearing a mask and following other public health safety guidelines.

Chambers All In for Economic Recovery is a collaboration of chambers of commerce across the state of Illinois. It is the mission of all chambers to support our business communities and help ensure that businesses can thrive for years to come. Chambers All In encourages residents to wear a mask to keep businesses open and help prevent further mitigation measures including a stay-at-home order.

“Please join me and mask up to help our local businesses and community organizations. By participating in the health and safety practices and wearing our masks we can each do our part to help prevent the spread of the virus and keep our local businesses open. These local businesses employ our friends and neighbors in the community. They are the heart of the community; many donate time and resources to support numerous projects and causes. They generate the tax revenue that supports the public services that we all depend on,” said Eric Loula, General Manager, Louis Joliet Mall. “We depend on each other. Working together, we are ALL IN to keep their doors open.”

Residents are encouraged to go all in with the Joliet Chamber by practicing proper mask wearing behaviors and following other health and safety guidelines.