Joliet Issues Political Sign Display Regulations

This election season, the City of Joliet reminds residents of the regulations that control the placement of signs supporting political candidates. The City of Joliet Zoning Ordinance regulates temporary political signs to control the size and location of these signs. State law effective January 1, 2011, prohibits municipalities from regulating when campaign signs can go up on residential properties (Public Act 096-0904). The law essentially allows property owners to put up outdoor political campaign signs without any limitation on the duration that the signs may be displayed. Municipalities are still allowed to regulate the size, height and location of the signs.

– Signs cannot be larger than 16 square feet in area, which includes the support structure. Signs cannot
be more than five feet in height.
– Signs must be placed on private property and not in the City’s right-of-way, which includes the parkway
between the street and the sidewalk or in the median. Signs placed here will be removed and
– Political signs should not be placed any closer than 10 feet from the edge of the pavement.
– In areas where sidewalks are present, signs need to be placed a minimum of two feet beyond the
private property side of the edge of the sidewalk.
– The use of trees or utility poles as sign supports or standards is prohibited.
– The attached image also demonstrates areas on private property political signs may not be displayed.

Should you have any questions about temporary political signs or to report violations, please contact the City
of Joliet at 815-724-4000.