Joliet Man Arrested After Damaging Squad Car

A 30-year-old Joliet man was arrested after allegedly damaging a squad car. It was on November 21st, at 10:56 p.m. that Joliet Police were called to an apartment complex in the 1000 block of Lois Place for a report of an unwanted person. 

After arriving at the scene authorities made contact with Eric Cole. Police tell WJOL that Cole was intoxicated and acting in a belligerent manner toward his girls and her son. 

While collecting his belongings, Cole damaged a laptop and television and was immediately placed into custody. After being arrested he refused to enter the squad car. After a brief struggle Cole was placed inside the vehicle but began kicking and damaging a window panel of the car. 

While Officers attempted to transfer Cole to a different vehicle, he lunged at Officers and fell to the ground. Cole was then placed into a different squad car and was transported to the Joliet

Police Department. While being processed, Cole damaged a thermostat attached to the wall. Cole refused to cooperate with the rest of the booking process.

Eric Cole has been charged with Obstructing Justice, Criminal Damage to State Supported Property (2 Counts), Resisting a Peace Officer, Obstructing a Peace Officer, and Criminal Damage to Property.