Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk announced the members of the newly formed Anti-Violence Task Force on Friday afternoon. Mayor O’Dekirk had spoken at a previous City Council meeting about the state of affairs in Joliet during 2019. Specifically, the Mayor stated that he was intending for the task force to focus on crime, the increasing number of homeless individuals within the city as well as the number of drug-induced overdoses and deaths.

The Mayor intends for the group to meet at least once a month and to invite different individuals to address the group on the various issues being considered.

The members of the Anti-Violence Task Force are as follows:

– City Councilman Pat Mudron

– Herb Lande, president of the Police and Fire Board

– Terry D’Arcy

– Pastor Lonnie Posley, pastor of the New Canaanland Church

– Father Bill Dewan, pastor of St Raymond’s Cathedral and Sacred Heart Catholic Church

– Joliet Police Detective Carlos Matlock

– Joliet Firefighter Jim Ryan