Joliet Police Make Arrest After Suspect Flees Traffic Stop

Joliet Police made an arrest on Wednesday night after a suspect ran from authorities during and attempted traffic stop. It was at 11:11pm that Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop in the 3000 block of Twin Oaks Drive. After the vehicle slowed down, the driver suddenly exited the vehicle and ran towards a nearby apartment building where he was taken into custody without incident.

Officers identified the driver as Jmariez Docks. Joliet Police tell WJOL that Docks told Officers that he ran because he was in possession of a handgun. He also told police that he discarded a handgun during the chase. Officers recovered a handgun on the ground where Docks was placed into custody. Officers also found ammunition and an open alcohol container, upon search of the vehicle. Docks was transported to the Joliet Police Department and then to the Will County Jail.