K9s for Veterans Honors Purple Heart Recipient with New Service Dog

A local organization recently awarded a service dog to a veteran. K9s for Veterans held a special ceremony to present a new service dog to seven-time Purple Heart recipient, Jim ‘Red’ Reichert. The decorated veteran has also received other commendations for his distinguished military service.

Red as his friends call him, served eleven years in the United States Marine Corp. He was shot eleven times and ended up on disability retirement. He has suffered through 108 surgeries due to gunshot wounds he sustained during his service in Vietnam from 1968-1970.

Red was widowed three years ago after his wife Dorothy passed away from complications due to Covid. Red and Dorothy were married for 50 years. His service dog Juliette also passed away in July. Juliette was Red’s service dog for eleven years.

A ceremony was held on Monday afternoon at D’Arcy Motors in which Red was awarded his new service dog.