Local Drug Store Closing Within Weeks

Walgreens in Crest Hill at 6 corners is closing. Crest Hill Mayor Ray Soliman confirmed to WJOL that April 10th will be the last day for the drug store. Soliman says he was surprised and disappointed when he heard the news a couple of weeks ago. He’s reached out to the corporate offices for answers in hopes to persuade them to change their minds.

Walgreens currently has a lease agreement with the building owners. Soliman hopes that with the drive-thru it could be a perfect location for a fast food restaurant or a new retail use in the future. The mayor is hoping that Walgreens will reconsider closing this location.  Walgreens remains open for now at 2379 Plainfield Road in Crest Hill at Caton Farm Road and Gaylord Road.

Walgreens Crest Hill/md