Loughran Cappel urges residents to take advantage of back-to-school savings

 The Illinois 10-day tax holiday on school supplies begins today, Aug. 5. Families and teachers can expect to have reduced shopping costs ahead of the upcoming school year, thanks to the support of Senator Meg Loughran Cappel.

“I know as a parent and educator, back-to-school shopping can be extremely expensive to teachers and families,” said Loughran Cappel (D-Shorewood). “This state sales tax holiday is a small way to reduce the financial burden on the residents of Illinois.”


Loughran Cappel cosponsored the bipartisan law that lowers the state tax rate on school supplies and eligible clothes and footwear from 6.25% down to 1.25% for 10 days, which starts today, Aug. 5 and will run through Aug. 14, 2022.


Loughran Cappel urges residents to shop and think local as they go out shopping.


“This sales tax holiday not only provides lower costs of supplies, but it supports our small businesses by encouraging residents to shop for supplies in our state,” Loughran Cappel said.


This new law also increases the educator’s tax credit to up to $500 for out-of-pocket expenses for classroom supplies.


“As a teacher, I know that back-to-school expenses add up quickly,” Loughran Cappel said. “Our educators work day and night to provide our students with the best educational opportunities. Our hope is this tax credit will help provide them with some financial relief.”