Man Pointed Air Pistol at Police Prior to Shooting

The Will Grundy Major Crimes Task Force has issued a statement regarding yesterday’s shooting involving a Joliet Police Officer. Authorities say police were called out yesterday to the 12-hundred block of Nicholson Street for a disturbance. Officers were speaking to a man when he pulled out a handgun and pointed it at an officer. The officer fired shots at the man, hitting him multiple times. The man was taken to St Joseph’s Medical Center, where he underwent surgery. Two Joliet Police Officers were treated and released from the hospital.

WJOL has learned that the man shot by Police is 29-year-old Cordairel Whitmore of Joliet. Whitmore was struck three times in the shooting and is in stable condition and alert while recovering at St Joseph’s Medical Center. The task force has also stated that he is fully cooperating with the investigation. The handgun Mr. Whitmore brandished at police has been identified as a Sig Sauer P365 Air Pistol. The Officer involved in this incident is a 21+ year veteran of the Joliet Police Department. This Officer and the other JPD Officer on the scene of this shooting are scheduled to be interviewed by Task Force investigators early next week.