New Lenox Issues Statement After Abandoned Rifle Case Discovered Near Concert

New Lenox Mayor Tim Baldermann has released the following statement after an incident involving an abandoned rifle case near the concert on the commons…

Due to incredible police work, and outstanding citizens that reached out to me with pertinent information, we have ascertained the following:
An unknown woman possesed a rifle case with toys inside it, stating that she wanted to “give it to the first little boy” she saw. Why she brought toys to the Commons in a rifle case is unknown, but was perhaps just an innocent, yet poor choice. The person handed the case to a woman with a small child. Unfortunately, that woman took the box of toys out and made the poor decision to leave the rifle case lying on the grass in the Commons. Inside the case remained a hat with a wig attached to it and another hat. She then walked away. An observant person told our emergency services when she saw the case lying on the ground and action was taken.
In a matter of three hours, the police handled a difficult situation safely and professionally, and they were able to find the video evidence of the incident. Additionally, due to us sharing the information with the public, caring and concerned citizens reached out to share the information we needed to resolve the issue quickly.
This incident speaks volumes about our community. First, the well-being of our residents will always come first. Second, we will always be transparent and timely with information that affects our community. Third, we have an incredibly talented and professional police force and staff that deserve our respect and admiration. Fourth, and most amazing, our residents ALWAYS step up and take care of each other. This case would not have been resolved so quickly without everyone doing their part.
Hindsight is 20/20, but when making these decisions we don’t have that luxury. I’m just glad this apparently was an unfortunate series of events that led to the cancelation of tonight’s fun.
Be proud New Lenox! I know I am fortunate and honored to serve you!