New Year’s Day Fire Destroys Home: Aunt Starts GoFundMe

A local family has set up a GoFundMe page for a relative in Wisconsin. Renee Madrigal of Joliet has organized the fundraiser for her niece who lives in Wisconsin.  It was on New Year’s day, 2023 that her neice returned home to find her house gutted by fire. According to the GoFundMe page, “She lost everything. EVERYTHING. She is devastated as are we for her. The only thing they have left are the clothes on their back. And what makes it even harder is that we all live in Illinois and she lives in Wisconsin so we aren’t even close to help her get through this tragic time. We are asking for help in any amount as she is a single mom with 5 sons to care for.

“She needs to find a new place to live, replace everything inside her house but most importantly clothes and school supplies for her boys.”
So far over $2,100 has been raised and their goal is to reach $10,000.

To donate click here.