Plainfield Pastors to Host Conversation Regarding Race in America

Bishop Nolan McCants and Pastor Fran Leeman will present “Black and White in America Live – a fruitful conversation about Black and White Relations in America” from 6-7:30 p.m. Saturday, February 29, 2020 in the auditorium at Plainfield High School – Central Campus, 24120 W. Fort Beggs Drive, Plainfield. McCants, founder of Harvest Church Plainfield, and Leeman founder of LifeSpring Community Church in Plainfield will host and lead this unique, powerful and important community event.

The moderated conversation will include questions and comments from the audience. Admission is free. Please enter the school at Door G. This public conversation is a sequel to a special program held at LifeSpring in November 2019. Leeman, whose church is predominantly white, invited McCants, whose church is primarily black to chat about the topic of race relations, especially in the church. “This subject is important for this time in our country, but not limited to this time,” Leeman said. “Nolan and I have been friends for years and we’ve done some work together, so I asked him to
join me.”

Faith and religion are influenced by many factors including race, Leeman said. The duo talked candidly for more than an hour about the history of race in organized religion and society in general. “I didn’t know what to expect, but I was very pleasantly surprised by how in tune everyone seemed to be to the subject,” McCants said. “That gave us the idea that maybe this topic needs and deserves more time with a bigger audience,” he said. “We have to be vigilant about connecting openly and honestly with people of every kind if we ever hope to realize the world that God intended for us,” McCants said. “Conversations like this are a good step in that direction,” he said.