Residents Allowed to Return Home Following Flooding in Wilmington

UPDATE: WJOL News had learned that Emergency Services are allowing residents in Wilmington who had been evacuated due to the recent flooding are being allowed to return home. All closed roads in Wilmington have been reopened. Authorities will continue to monitor the situation.


Will County Emergency Management, ESDA, Will County Sheriff’s Office, and several emergency area agencies are now on hand in Wilmington as a result of the flooding currently taking place. The Phelan Acres subdivision in Wilmington has already been evacuated.  Area residents are being advised to leave their homes until the rising water and ice move through.  Utilities in the area are being monitored closely.  Residents should plan to be out of their homes for at least a few days. Once water recedes utilities will have to be restored and checked.

The following roads, west of the City of Wilmington are closed around these intersections:  Cottage and Lorenzo, Will and Willow, Blodgett and Kelly, Will and Lorenzo and Will and Cottage.   Roads are closed along the river in the Phelan Acres subdivision.  Houses on Cottage have been evacuated.

The City of Wilmington is currently not being effected by the water.

Director of Will County Emergency Management, Harold Damron, will be speaking at a press conference at 3:00 p.m. at the Wilmington City Hall, to give an update on the situation.

A hotline for the public is being set up for residents who are looking for updated information:  815-724-1617.

Emergency Vehicles Responding to Flooding in Wilmington
Ice Jam in Wilmington


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