Romeoville murder suspect dies after police pursuit in Oklahoma

WJOL has learned that a person of interest in the slaying of a Romeoville family is believed to be dead. Nathaniel Huey, 31, of Streamwood, was identified as a person of interest. He was also reportedly traveling with a woman who authorities have said was in a relationship with Huey. 

The woman was reported by her family as a missing and endangered person on Tuesday night. Huey was identified by an Oklahoma Police Department  after receiving information from Romeoville Police and attempted a traffic stop. 

A pursuit began and the car eventually crashed and caught fire. Officers then heard two gunshots and discovered the female with a gunshot wound while the man in the driver’s seat was found dead.  

It was earlier in the week that WJOL reported  that a family of four had been murdered inside their home. Police say Roberto Rolon and Zoraida Bartolomei, their two children, and three dogs were discovered shot to death Sunday night inside a home in the five-hundred block of Concord Avenue

Sources to WJOL do not believe that there are any other suspects.