Romeoville murder suspect had relationship with victim

Romeoville Police have shared an update into the murder of a family of four. It was on September 17 that Alberto Rolon, Zoralda Bartolomei and their two children were discovered shot to death at their home in the 500 block of Concord Avenue.  Authorities eventually identified Nathaniel Huey Jr. as a person of interest. Huey and his girlfriend, Ermalinda Palomo fled to Oklahoma. The two would be discovered by local authorities before attempting to flee. Their car would crash into a concrete barrier and police reported hearing two gunshots. Huey and Palomo would both die from gunshot wounds.

WJOL has been told that Huey and Zoralda Bartolomei were in a relationship together and that this relationship was known by Alberto Rolon and Ermalinda Palomo. Evidence also now shows that Palomo had prior knowledge of Huey’s intent to commit the murders and was involved in the planning, even driving the vehicle to the crime scene. The investigation into the four murders continues.