April 12 thru 19, 2019, Sheriff’s across the State of Illinois will be participating in a traffic awareness campaign specifically aimed at Scott’s Law and distracted driving violators. The ISA urges all motorists to obey all the rules of the road and stay focused when driving.

Scott’s Law Chapter 625 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes mandates that upon approaching a stationary authorized emergency vehicle, when the authorized emergency vehicle is giving a signal by displaying alternately flashing red and blue lights or amber or yellow warning lights, a person who drives an approaching vehicle:

*proceed with due caution, yield the right-of-way by making a lane change into a lane not adjacent to that of the authorized emergency vehicle, if possible with due regard to safety and traffic conditions, if on a highway having at least 4 lanes with not less than 2 lanes proceeding in the same direction as the approach vehicle.

*proceed with due caution, reduce the speed of the vehicle, maintain a safe speed for road conditions, if changing lanes would be impossible or unsafe.

Sixteen law enforcement officers have been hit while conducting traffic stops on the side of the road in 2019. Illinois has had 4 traffic related officer fatalities already in 2019. Enough is enough!

Move Over, Slow Down and Put Down the Phone!