Symphony of Joliet Spokeswoman Says Renowned Infectious Disease Expert Advising Nursing Home

Protesters were in front of Symphony of Joliet over the weekend. The families of a nursing assistant Sandra Evans Green and resident Lesley Spells both died of COVID-19. The families say a lack of PPE was part of the reason for the high number of deaths. Symphony of Joliet is a long term care nursing home and saw a high number of COVID-related deaths in the spring. Twenty-six people died due to COVID-19.

A statement by Symphony of Joliet’s spokeswoman Natalie Bauer Luce:

“We join Ms. Green’s family in mourning her loss. From the outset of the pandemic, Symphony has taken every action possible to halt or slow the spread of this disease among our patients, their families and our staff. We retained a renowned infectious disease control expert and a distinguished gerontologist to lead a task force advising our clinicians on the most effective treatments and advanced procedures to save lives, and at all times, our infection prevention protocols—including PPE and masking—have exceeded the CDC guidelines. We are also currently participating in a groundbreaking trial testing a potential COVID-19 treatment. We hope that our efforts may contribute in some small way to identifying a therapy that can help stop the spread of this disease globally. Until then, we are committed to continuing to do everything we can to protect our patients and staff.”