TR1 Respirators donated to Manhattan Public Safety Groups

Manhattan Mayor Mike Adrieansen announced the donation of one hundred TR1 Respirators to the Village Police Department, Emergency Management Agency and the Manhattan Fire Protection District in honor of National Police Week May 15th.

The generous donation totaling approximately $20,000 was provided by EzCloud Solutions of New Lenox.

These respirators are electrostatic with replaceable filters; each unit comes with a nylon tactical carrying case with five replacement filters. The one hundred masks will be divided among all three agencies for use in the field.

“The TR1 mask is rated higher than the disposable N95 masks, with the ability to filter 98.6% of 2.5-micron particles,” explained Adrieansen. “This translates into superior protection from COVID and many other airborne particulates for our first responders.”

The donation was accepted at the Manhattan Police Department on May 31, 2022, by Commanders Mike Holford and Brian Zarnowski, Officer James Redlich, and Manhattan Emergency Management Agency Director Terry Doyle. EzCloud Solutions was represented by
Victor Kress, President.

“These TR1 Respirators are invaluable to the safety of our officers as they handle calls alongside Manhattan Fire Protection District and Emergency Management Agency personnel”, explained Police Chief Jeff Wold. “The level of protection provided to each officer is unmatched without the use of far more complex and costly breathing apparatus. We are very thankful to have received this gracious donation from EzCloud Solutions.”, added Chief Wold.

EzCloud Solutions President, Victor Kress, explained, “EzCloud’s mission is to keep individuals safe and breathing clean air. It was our pleasure to provide each member of the Manhattan Police, Fire & Emergency Management Agency an O2 Tactical TR1 Respirator/Mask, containing our exclusive O2 replaceable filters.

Kress also emphasized the importance such masks have on the jobs of first responders. “The TR1 Tactical Respirator/Mask helps First Responders breathe cleaner and safer air in order to mitigate long term occupational risk. We encourage other communities to reach out to us, in favor of their First Responders. I would also like to note, that EzCloud also has a consumer model of O2 Respirator/Mask that utilizes the same exclusive filtration system as the TR1. Now everybody in every community has the opportunity to #BreatheEz – EzSanitize.Life”.