Two Will County Judges Voted Off The Bench

Two of the Will County Courthouse associate judges are out of their jobs, according to a press release issued by Will County Trial Courts Administrator Roger Holland. The two Will County associate judges who are losing their jobs are M. Thomas Carney and Cory Lund.

On Wednesday, Will County Chief Judge Daniel Kennedy announced that he received notice from the Illinois Supreme Court that both Lund and Carney failed to receive the required number of votes for reappointment.

Sixteen circuit Judges vote on reappointment of Associate Judges every 4 years. They need 10 out of 16 for appointment and the two named above did not make the cut.

Because of the vote, Lund and Carney are off the Will County bench as of June 30.

Will County will seek permission to move forward with the appointment of two new associate judges as soon as possible.