Update from Daughter Of Symphony of Joliet Resident Who Knew The Worker That Unknowingly Spread COVID

The employee at a Joliet nursing home who eventually died, unwittingly spread the virus. The maintenance worker took it upon himself to set up tables after the lockdown at Symphony of Joliet in March. Sadly he infected 40 rooms and 24 residents died plus 2 employees including the maintenance worker. He didn’t know he was infected. Angelina Middleton whose father lives at Symphony tells WJOL that she knew who he was and what happened.

Angelina’s father has been a resident at the nursing home for two years and was told he had COVID. Angelina says her father is NOT showing any symptoms yet. The nursing home has moved all COVID-19 patients to the second floor.

Symphony Care Network announced this week, it has named infectious disease expert Dr. Alexander Stemer to lead its system-wide COVID-19 response team along with University of Chicago Medicine’s Dr. Stacie Levine, chief of geriatrics and palliative care.

On Monday, April 20th, Governor Pritzker called for ramping up testing at long-term care facilities in Illinois. In facilities with known cases, Pritzker is ramping up testing for all staff, which will allow officials to know who is coming in and out of an infected home, some of whom may be asymptomatic.

The Chicago Tribune reporting that, officials have also “called for the Illinois National Guard to help nursing homes administer tests.”

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